This collection is our most EXTRAVAGANT, DRAMATIC, INNOVATIVE, MOST PRECISE, GLAMOROUS  application 
                    Our top of the line,highest-end product that is reserved for our most GLAM of GLAM Brides (cut creases, ombre lips, glitter cut creases, extreme contouring etc.)
                             Included: Mini soap bark and chamomile, tea bag, astringent facial, High-end Temptu silicone-based airbrushing ( including neck, chest,back, arms)
                                                                        Custome Mink lashes, high-end products ex. CHANEL, DIOR, and the usage of our most pigmented palettes,  etc.
                                                                                                                   2 hours 30 min to 4 hours of application
                                                                                                                          ** 400.00 Service Minimum**