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but you can call me  .....CHANCE


        For as long as Chance could remember she has been passionate about only two things, art and her ability to touch people in a personal, and positive way with her artwork.


Her first client was her late great Aunt aka Aunt Joyce at the tender age of 11. Though she could clearly see the horror on her Aunts face as she looked at the mirror her Aunt noticed how the placement of the makeup (as shocking as it was) seemed to make her face appear slimmer. She hugged me and said "now its time for my glamour shoot! I look ten pounds lighter! But make sure you print them off in black and white"  For this very reason I judge my work in black and white first. 


Chance's professional training was both in photography at Bowie State & Beauty at Paul Mitchell. She found her training with filters, shadows & lights to be helpful during her training with makeup.


After professional training, Chance was employed at different organizations including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sephora & even NY Fashion Week where she learned other skills such as Airbrush makeup. Though immensely successful she did not find the personal connection with her clients she was hoping for, until her first Bridal event assignment.   


  When Chance finished the bride's makeup and saw the mother of the bride weeping with joy, she knew she finally found the perfect fit. After 8 years of working with Bridal companies and seeing all of the issues caused by management she knew she could do better.


Equipped with her Aunt's confidence, her grandmother's love of high-end quality, her mother's professionalism and  genuine love of people, her husbands love and support, her father's faith, her brothers love of labels, her Aunty Em's/Nana's business sense, her Photography/Paul Mitchell education, 8 years of makeup product knowledge, technique, and skill and her continuous strive for excellence mission she founded  CHANCE LAWRONE Couture makeup artistry in 2012. 


CHANCE LAWRONE is the first makeup artistry house to provide an onsite  Made to Measure makeup experience with everything that is required for your dream designer makeup application. 


"Nothing else will but the House of CHANCE LAWRONE will do for your Couture moment"